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Web Design

Website Design Service

Web design has never been more important. A successful online presence will be built on strong branding and a well-designed web design.

Google claims that it takes only 50 milliseconds for users to form a first impression about your website. This first impression can then have an all important positive impact on other marketing efforts.

Strong website design can immediately engage the visitor to your website, by encouraging potential customers to enquire about or order a product or service.

It can also help build trust and allow brands to really stand apart from their competitors.

Optimised For Mobile

Responsive website DESIGN

Your website should be mobile-friendly in order to succeed.

Mobile friendly web design is, at its core, a website that makes it easy and quick to access information, such as images, text, and videos, across multiple platforms, and especially on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets.

Mobile friendly is a term that means utilising all the amazing capabilities of mobile devices to provide a satisfying and effective user experience on the move.

All websites built utilise what’s know as responsive web design, so they look perfect on all devices.

mobile friendly

Optimised for Speed

Lightning Fast Load Times

We optimise every website to load quickly according to Google’s best practices. This increases your search ranking and ensures that potential customers receive the information they require as quickly as possible.

Google has indicated that site speed (and page speed as a consequence) are one of the main signals it uses to rank web pages. A slow page speed can also mean that search engines are able to crawl fewer pages within their allocated crawl budget. This could adversely affect the number of pages on your website that can be found.

User experience is also affected by page speed. Longer load times are associated with higher bounce rates and a shorter average time on the page. Conversions can also be negatively affected by longer load times.

bespoke design

Custom website DESIGN

Each website we create is a result of our many hours of experience in website design. We will create a beautiful layout that encourages the actions of customers you value most, whatever they may be.

Our websites offer more than aesthetics. Your website will be unique in that it helps people understand your company and product through visuals and text. Every element on your website will have a clear goal.

Our website experiences are highly-functional, feature-packed and digitally transformative. They can scale with your business’ growth and are user-friendly.



Cloud HOSTING, SSL And Daily Backups

All of our websites are hosted on a Cloud Hosting platform which guarantees 99.9% uptime.

We also provide HTTPS encryption for an added layer of security for your website and for your online customers.

Additionally, website visits are routed through Cloudflare. When traffic is proxied through Cloudflare your website receives additional security, performance, and reliability benefits.

Our daily backup service makes your life easier and your website safer. In case of anything, you can roll back to any point in the last thirty days.

Web Design Examples

william taylor

William Taylor Insurance Website

SEO | Web Design

Killingley Website

Logo Design | SEO | Web Design

Alvaley Website

E-commerce | Logo Design | SEO | Web Design
hot tubs for sale

Hot Tubs for Sale Website

Logo Design | SEO | Web Design
summit roofing

Summit Roofing Website

Logo Design | SEO | Web Design

Philip Elliott Associates Website

Web Design

Ram Gate Automation Website

E-commerce | Logo Design | SEO | Web Design
harbour view

Harbour View Studios Website

Logo Design | Web Design

Essential FEATURES for

Lead-generating Websites

You can put all your customers’ needs right at their fingertips. This is the power of the internet. Our websites have two goals: to increase sales and to provide convenience for your customers.

Click to Call

You can convert customers quickly by simply allowing them to call you directly from your website. No need for them to dial your number, just one click does it.

Contact Forms

Add an optimised contact form to give your customers another way to get in touch quickly. Forms are online 24/7 and will collect enquiries even when you are closed.

Google Maps

You can make it easy for people find your business by embedding a Google Map of where you are. They can even get driving directions from their location.

YouTube Videos

By embedding videos onto your website, you can be ranked on both Google and YouTube.

Google Reviews

Let your Google reviews feature anywhere on your website to build instant loyalty and help turn visitors into customers.


Share valuable content with your audience to build your customer base and showcase your expertise.

Website Design Process



It all starts with the first enquiry. Send a message with your requirements and you’ll receive a quote. If it all looks good, then the next step is…



Fill out the website design questionnaire, specify your preferred colour schemes, font styles, examples of competitor websites you like etc.



A mockup will be created for you in an image format for you to review of the website homepage. This will be modified until you are happy to sign it off.



Now the design is ready, things can really get underway. The pages will be built using WordPress and sent for approval via a special preview link.



Once all the pages are built, then all the functions of the site can be tested, login pages, contact forms etc. and also all speed optimisations applied.



The big day! Now everything is ready, the domain name can be pointed to the host servers and Google can be notified so it can index the website’s pages.

Bespoke WordPress Websites

What kind of websites are possible with WordPress CMS?

The possibilities are practically endless, with the myriad of plugins that are available. These are just a few of the many types of websites that WordPress can create.

  • A blog
  • A website for your business
  • An online shop
  • A members only website

WordPress is the most popular web publishing platform there is. WordPress powers almost half of all websites on the internet.


What are the 5 key benefits of having a new website designed?


Standing out from the rest

A responsive website will make you stand out from your competition. A responsive website also mean faster loading times for your website, as there are fewer files to download.


Compatibility with all devices

A responsive website will make you stand out from your competition. A responsive website also mean faster loading times for your website, as there are fewer files to download.


Visitor retention

A responsive site is more user-friendly and can be navigated easily by users. Visitors are more likely to stay longer on your site and to explore more of what you have to offer.


Conversion rates that are higher

You can convert new customers by creating a consistent user experience on all devices. What they can do on a desktop computer, they will be able to do on their phone or tablet as well.


Optimised SEO

Search engines are just as concerned about responsive web design as they are with quality content. Your SEO rating will be positively impacted if you have a responsive website that loads fast and is both mobile and desktop-friendly.

Website Design FAQs

Some answers to frequently asked questions.

A website can be built in 6-10 weeks, depending on how much information we have from you. Here is the complete web design process. The website will take longer if we are still waiting on text and images from you.

It all depends on the type of website that you are looking for. This will be discussed during our discovery call. We may need to have…

  • Photos of you and your team
  • Photos of your workplace
  • Content for the website, e.g. text, PDFs etc
  • Profiles of staff
  • Videos needed for the website
  • Login details for your existing website

You might have some of these items already on your existing website. In that case, you can transfer them to the new site.

You are in luck. We offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. We will create a mockup of the homepage before we start building your website. In Photoshop, we will first design your layout. This way, you can see the initial designs in approximately ten days. You then have the opportunity to provide feedback, and you can always stop moving forward if you don’t like it. The best part? It won’t cost anything to cancel at that stage.

Your website is designed from scratch using many tools. The first stage of the design is done using Photoshop. Next, we move the content onto the website with a platform called WordPress.

Visit the following link to see the entire process of web design.

We will manage your hosting if we create your website. The same hosting company is used for all our websites and clients. To avoid security problems, each website is managed separately. Each website we create has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk storage, and 99.9% uptime plus daily backups. This hosting company has been our partner for over 10 years. We don’t intend to change it anytime soon.

We can create a maintenance plan that suits your individual or company’s requirements. We can help you choose the right package for your needs. There are monthly or pay as you go options available.

Of course, yes! We offer our clients the option to make changes to their website. We will provide all the tools and guidance necessary to allow you to update your website. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to add, edit and delete content.

Yes, we split your payment in two. Once you’ve seen your mockup and are happy to proceed, the first 33% of the payment is taken. The next 66% becomes due after 30 days. Why is this? We have seen projects take longer than we expected. Sometimes we are waiting to hear from the client, which can cause delays in the process. These delays can sometimes take several months. We invoice within 30 days of the original payment. We’ll then be well on the way with your website, and you will be able see the progress.

Ready for a new website design?