WordPress Maintenance

Google and visitors love a website that is in good shape, up-to-date, error-free, and well-designed. This creates a better user experience.

wp maintenance
WordPress Maintenance

Website Care Service

WordPress website maintenance ensures that your website runs smoothly and fixes any errors. It also updates the systems to add new features and protects you from hackers.

To make your website more appealing to potential customers, you will need to maintain its information and design. WordPress maintenance is similar to taking care of a car.

You must service your car. This includes filling it with fuel, fixing any broken parts, cleaning it up, and adding new features like snow tyres in winter. You will want your car to run faster. This can be done by giving it a tune up or even replacing the engine – the same applies for your website! Get WordPress Maintenance in [location] today.

Why is WordPress Maintenance Important?

WordPress CMS platforms are subject to regular updates that will ensure your website runs smoothly. WordPress releases regular updates to its core CMS system. The core CMS system is updated regularly by plugin developers. To accommodate these updates, the theme design must be updated regularly too.

Your site must be up-to-date, primarily for security reasons. Google can remove your website from search results, and your brand could be damaged. Google prefers sites that work. It is important to keep your website in good order. WordPress updates keep your site bug-free and add new features.

The admin dashboard can be used to update the core CMS or plugins. It is much more complicated to update a theme. Sometimes, simply clicking “update” can cause functionality to be lost. This is because WP core, plugins, and theme/design all have to work together. It will fail if one part of a plugin is updated while the other is being updated. Before an update, we have backups in place so any updates can be rolled back. We fix it right away and test it again if it fails to work. We are also alerted to any WordPress security threats, and take the necessary actions. We also add additional features based on your plan.

Areas to Update

  • Core WordPress system
  • 3rd party WordPress plugins
  • Theme design and functions

Updating Benefits

  • More features
  • Fewer errors
  • Lower risk of hacking
  • Better user experience
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Better website performance
  • More sales and enquiries



We will update your website on a regular basis as part of the ongoing package. This ensures that your website works seamlessly on both our servers or on your servers. WordPress sites with more functionality do require more updates. The main WordPress maintenance elements are below.

Plugin Updates

These features add value to your website and lower the risk of hackers.

WordPress Core

Adds features, keeps your website running smoothly and reduces risk of hacking.

Theme Updates

Keeps the site design and functionality aligned with the core and plugin updates.

Security Patches

Security systems are put in place to stop brute force attacks and other security flaws.

Speed Optimisations

Optimised and cached files will improve user experience and Google ranking.

Website Health

And critical items the site health check shows about your website are resolved.

Do you need WordPress Maintenance for your website?