Prototype Creation
The primary purpose of producing a prototype is to promote effective testing and to secure a working model early in the production process. This step allows for decisive architectural decisions to be made early and thus economising on valuable resources all the way around.

Content Submission
If content to be published on the site has not already been received it is submitted at this time. Meeting agreed upon deadlines can be contingent on the receipt of this final content.

User Testing
This step involves gathering volunteers within your company or contracting external individuals that match the profiles of your target audience. Ultimately the success of your project will be a balance of serving the target audience while meeting your organisations goals. This calculated step will help to ensure all necessary criteria are met.

This is the stage where production on all aspects of the site begins nearly simultaneously following the receipt of your content. All content produced in-house should be stored on portable media or a server with FTP access. With prior arrangement content can be received via email. All content should be spell checked and finalised prior to submission to WebVirtuoso.

Continued Testing
As key sections of your project are completed, secondary testing will take place to ensure navigation is on target, pages are cross-browser compatible, and any bugs are identified. Basically the aim is to ensure the overall site is technically functional and user accessible. Prior to the official launch of your project, final approval will be secured following rigorous final testing procedures. The final home of your website, in other words where your site will be hosted, is part of the original concept stage. In some cases a website might be housed on a development server and posted to its final destination prior to launch.