Just like a car engine, your sparkling new website must be continually polished and updated to sustain its freshness. Based on the intimate knowledge we already possess of your site we will produce a written recommendation on how to implement and accomplish this upkeep. Often scheduled maintenance is considered early in the planning process so systems can be put in place to simplify the updating process. In the event that regular scheduled maintenance cannot be accomplished in house we will be more than willing to discuss a mutually beneficial maintenance contract.

We generally recommend posting updated content, where applicable, quarterly. In addition, an overall quarterly evaluation is generally beneficial to identify any outstanding issues, particularly during the first six months following your site launch. At least quarterly, the Web advancements of your competition should be carefully scrutinised to ensure you have an advantage within the market. For special aspects of a site such as “What’s New” and new product launches we recommend monthly updates. Return traffic is generally linked to what is called “return appeal” and there is no better way to achieve this than posting new content in strategic areas.