Equally important to proper planning and deadline driven production practices, is the effective marketing of your website. Search engine ranking continues to earn the coveted reputation for scoring potentially high volumes of traffic. Without fail your site should be optimised for those search engines deemed to be most useful. In addition, traditional marketing methods including press releases, direct mail marketing and other standard promotional practices should be employed as appropriate to your particular industry.

Search Engine Optimisation
The addition of key elements within your sites source code will enable search engines to readily index key pages. In addition, search engines such as Google utilise a strategy based on popularity which directly correlates with the number of links in and out of your site. Consideration of links to aid popularity will be determined early in the production stage.
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Search Engine Submission
We are equipped with professional tools to aid in the effectiveness of marketing processes. We will submit written documentation regarding every search engine or directory to which we submit your site. Multiple submissions of a site to any search engine can result in a site being banned entirely from a search engines index. For this reason we caution all clients to entrust this task to only one company.
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Extend the Invitation
Launching your site should be a celebration and the exciting news should be spread to as many people as possible. Current customers or members should be the first invited. This allows you to reinforce how much you value them and in return you are able to receive feedback from people that already know and trust your products or services. If you are a new start-up company without a large customer base you may decide to begin with the family and friends of your employees.